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Polyhydramnios: Excessive Amniotic Fluid

She was breathless when she shuffled her way slowly into the consultation room. Her feet were swollen from ankles up to the legs. After climbing up the examination couch with some difficulty and pointing at her huge tummy, she asked, “Doc, can I deliver my baby soon?” N,32 and a first-time mum was at her...


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)

Tearing with joy and looking slightly exhausted, she hugged her husband tightly and exclaimed happily, “I have done it finally!” M, 30, had just delivered her second child normally. Looking slightly dazed, her husband kissed her repeatedly and congratulated her for achieving a natural birth, which she had desperately wanted to. Two years ago, M...


Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?

N,31, was slightly taken aback when I showed her the ultrasound image of the moving foetus inside her womb. She had just delivered a girl seven months ago and was still breastfeeding. “Doc, how can it be?” she asked. “My mum told me that I would not get pregnant if I am breastfeeding.” Myths concerning...


Should You Take Probiotics During Pregnancy?

She was pleasantly surprised when her eczema, a skin condition with periodic outbreaks of red and itchy rashes, improved remarkably after she was given probiotics. Q, 30, a first-time mum was in her first trimester of pregnancy. She noticed that the frequency of flare-ups was reduced and the intensity of itchiness was much less. She...


Kangaroo Mother Care for Premature baby

Inside the cubicle, the midwife cautiously handed over the tiny infant to K’s husband and instructed him on how to start skin-to-skin contact with the newborn. K, 30, a first-time mum had just delivered the baby prematurely at 35 weeks gestation by Caesarean section. She had profuse vaginal bleeding from premature separation of the placenta....