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“Doc, My Menses Smells” She looked worried and upset when she stepped into my consultation room. “Doc, my menses has a fishy smell for the past 2 months.” She said. “Am I having a growth in my vagina?” T, a 32-year-old housewife had been married for 5 years. Her husband worked in a neighboring country and returned home for a week every 2 to 3...


COVID-19 and pregnancy

She sighed a big sigh of relief when her COVID-19 tests were negative. M, 29, pregnant with a pair of twins was at 30 weeks of gestation. She had been having fever and cough for 2 days before she was admitted to the ward for observation. For expectant mothers, the deadly virus has caused much...


A Mother’s Not-So-Sweet Story: Pregnancy diabetes

M was upset and looked at me in disbelief when I told her the not-so-sweet news. She had failed her glucose tolerance test (GTT) and had been suffering from gestational diabetes. M, aged 34, and a first-time mum was at 24 weeks of gestation. “Doc, I have a sweet tooth.” She confessed. “I would indulge...


“Doc, I’m pregnant and bleeding”

  M almost freaked out when she saw a patch of fresh blood staining her panty in the morning. She had had sexual intercourse with her husband the night before. She woke him up straightaway and rushed to my clinic. M, 28, a first-time mum, was in her 12 weeks of pregnancy. She related the incident...


Saying Hello and Goodbye to My Unborn Child

Anencephaly “I’m sorry but your baby’s condition is not compatible with life,” I told E. She was dumbfounded. She could not believe what I was saying. As I continued to show her the images of her baby on the ultrasound, she began to realize that this was really happening. Tears started to roll down her...


Massive bleeding after delivery: Postpartum haemorrhage

  K,38, would never forget the experience soon after her delivery. She had a massive bleed and had to be resuscitated in the intensive care unit (ICU).   This was her third pregnancy. Her two previous pregnancies were normal and the deliveries were smooth and uncomplicated. For this pregnancy, she had mild gestational diabetes and the amniotic fluid...


A close encounter with CMV infection during pregnancy

  She was distraught when her blood tests confirmed that she had been infected with CMV- the cytomegalovirus. K, a 28-year-old kindergarten teacher and a first-time mum was at her 18 weeks of pregnancy. She had a mild fever and sore throat about 2 weeks ago. There were some swollen lymph nodes on her neck....


Why am I so upset before menses? Battling PMS

Here is an abstract from what may be called a symptom diary: “March 1: Menstruation begins. As usual, a slight tummy ache on first day. “March 16: Getting tired. Insomnia last night. No appetite today. Tummy feels bloated. “March 20: Feeling miserable. Forgetful. Breasts are painful. Tearful for no reason. “March 22: Unable to concentrate....


Why is my tummy so bloated?

G, 43, had a rude shock and felt devastated a year ago when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was unaware that the bloated feeling in her tummy was associated with the disease. “I had nausea and a bloated feeling in my tummy for a week. My family doctor diagnosed me as having tummy...

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